The History of Gambling in the United States

Gambling is heavily regulated by most nations' legislations, even to this day. This is because some major religions see gambling as an immoral act. Whether or not this is the case, gambling has been a part of human life since the before recorded history.

Gambling in America is a popular pastime. Establishments such as casinos and race tracks exist so that people can enjoy betting; as well as gambling games such as Texas Hold'em, craps, roulette; and gambling machines such as the slot machine. People the world over go to the United States to enjoy gambling. With cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City becoming virtual Meccas for gamblers everywhere, the US is now cashing in on gambling tourism.

In the United States of America, gambling legal, but regulated according to the laws of each state. The extent to which gambling has been regulated in the United States varies from state to state. For some states and cities for example, gambling was not legalized until the last part of the twentieth century. This was the case with Tunica, Mississippi. The state only legalized gambling in 1990.

In contrast to that, Nevada is one of the first states in the USA to legalize gambling. Made lawful in 1931, gambling has become one of the most crucial aspects of this state's economy. The city of Las Vegas, for example, had been built almost entirely on the gambling industry. Casinos and other gambling establishments where gambling games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and craps can be played are a means of livelihood for many people who live and work in this city to this day. Of course, even though gambling was finally made legal in 1931, the activity still suffered some religious and moral stigma. Las Vegas is still often called Sin City, thanks not only to the gambling that is this city's very lifeblood, but also because of the decadence and excess that is often associated with this city.

Another city that has seen its economic rise through gambling and gambling tourism is Atlantic City, in the state of New Jersey. Here, gambling was legalized in 1976. Gambling has made Atlantic City one of the greatest tourism hotspots in the United States' East Coast. Its numerous casinos and other gambling establishments are rivaled only by Las Vegas in Nevada, and Atlantic City has become yet another haven for gamblers throughout the United States, and perhaps even the world.